Zedd x Curbi tease in-depth collaboration, marking Zedd’s return to EDM [LISTEN]

Zedd x Curbi coming soon!

Yesterday, Zedd retweeted a video of the song that was played in one of his last shows – and Curbi was just confirming the good news with his own tweet. Apparently, the expected collaboration is “incoming” – words we hear a lot, but in this case take on a special form of excitement.

. @ zedd x curbi in depth, get ready 😍🥵

– CURBI (@CurbiOfficial) June 2, 2021

We first heard about the collaboration back in August last year when Zedd used social media to share a teaser of the unreleased production. Ten months later, it seems like he and Curbi are finally preparing for an official release.

The ID is a fully fledged festival anthem with which Zedd is returning to its EDM roots for the first time in years. After a series of successful pop-inspired collaborations with powerhouse singers Maren Morris, Kehlani, Jasmine Thompson, Elley Duhé and others, Zedd’s followers are more than ready for a new wave of music and his third album on the horizon.

Preview the unreleased track here!

New @Zedd ❤️🥵🥵🥵 pic.twitter.com/cI3q8T2aXr

– Tyler🚀 (@ tylertc2492) June 2, 2021

Photo via Rukes.com

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