Your EDM premiere: Saxxon has released the very first D&B NFT album and now we have the exclusive first track – ‘Galaxias’ incoming!

Like, lump it or Elon Musk’s, NFT blockchain tokens are here, making a dent in the way content is categorized and published. Previously limited primarily to visual artwork, the benefits that banned content can provide to the individual artist can help control counterfeiting. and all revenue is filtered directly to the artist or content owner via the blockchain. No wonder it’s big business already, even if the majority of the population has no idea.

While the opportunities for non-fungible tokens continue to be explored, some music artists have started to see them as a real option to track and filter their work and make sure they get paid for it. Drum and bass artists have a particularly tough time with this, as exploitation through streaming sites can be rampant. Some producers basically had to make it a second full-time job finding their royalties on sites like Spotify and Juno. This is where we find artists like Saxxon taking the plunge and releasing NFT content.

When his interview with UKF was about the release of his second album Fractions as an NFT hit in March, it was the first drum and bass album to be listed and sold as NFT and released on Opensea. The auction of the first copy has since exceeded his own expectations. A little more than one day before the bids for the album package, which contains the album and the high-resolution album cover, expire, one title of the owner’s choice which will be cut on Dubplate, 10% of the net sales of the album shop (as a license fee), all publications by Saxxon free for life, and the list goes on (click here to see all the benefits). It is currently up to over $ 350.

There was of course a little problem with music as NFT, especially with a loaded auction like this: how can we hear that? Music fans and especially drum & bass heads tend to be happy to try it out before buying and with no streaming links or even clips this model now has to be adjusted and is at the discretion of the artist. Saxxon made an early decision because the first Fractions drop was such a sturdy package that it wouldn’t leak anything of the album until the auction was all but closed. Fortunately, that day has come and the single “Galaxias” is here exclusively at YEDM in all its glory.

With PAV4N (whose hand-drawn art is part of the NFT package), “Galaxias” is a raw and harsh, jungle-riddled sound design masterpiece and classic Saxxon. The synthesizer channels excellent darkstep vibes of the 90s, while the snares control the track and make it sound bigger than live. Add in the aggressive Vox from PAV4N and you have a real blast. Based on “Galaxias”, Fractions promises to be worth the new model.

What’s next for this one-of-a-kind album after the first drop auction is almost over? Saxxon has prepared the next drops and can start.

Also the second drop is that NFT will be out on on June 11th and there will be three ways to get that and there will be some cool things money can buy as well (laughs). The third drop will be the standard release of the album, which will be out in late June; it’s a slightly reduced tracklist. The NFTs have a 12-track list and the non-NFT has ten. There will also be an NFT package for this single.

We are still a long way from a fully functional NFT market; It’s like the Wild West right now, but artists like Saxxon think it’s good. The rules have yet to be set and hopefully the environmental impacts can be proactively addressed and streamlined. Either way, it’s best to get started now because as the current trend looks pretty unstoppable, there will likely be a time when most of the music will be released using this model or some form of it. In the meantime, keep an eye on Saxxon’s website for announcements on when Fractions goes live for the masses, and most importantly, how.

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