Wiz Khalifa nearly cries with laughter as he talks in regards to the time Kevin Durant left him exterior the membership

Around midnight last night, Wiz Khalifa shared his Taylor Nights playlist, and during an Instagram Live session with some of his friends, the rapper shared a story about the time when Kevin Durant left him outside of a nightclub many years ago.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, there is additional context to the story, specifically that Wiz Khalifa and Kevin Durant were out of a nightclub a few years ago but Khalifa was kind of left behind.

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Wiz asked his friends about Kevin Durant during the livestream, saying he was his homie but he left him all alone outside the club. According to Wiz, they were all in a club together one night and the bouncers told him everyone in the group except Khalifa was allowed in. Obviously this surprised him, but it was Durant’s next comment that really shocked him.

Instead of staying with him and going elsewhere, Kevin allegedly looked at him and said, “Brother, I’ll see you later.” The story did not end on that note, however.

Khalifa went on to say in the YouTube video shown below that Kevin called him later and they managed to get him to the venue. He added, “I left, went right again, came back to the club and I met him there.”

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Wiz and his crew started laughing at the story, and the rapper claimed he spent the rest of his night dancing with a bottle of booze. Entertainment news fans know that it is not always easy for celebrities to get access to exclusive events.

For example, Hannah Brown complained about being kicked off a dating app multiple times despite being the Bachelorette. The same thing happened to Sam Smith, who says he was booted from Hinge because the moderators supposedly didn’t believe it was him.

Wiz Khalifa was in a relationship with Amber Rose for years until she switched to the much younger rapper 21 Savage. Wiz and Amber shared a child during their relationship.


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