Wild Mountain Thyme Ending Defined: Right here’s What Everybody’s All Abuzz About

Why Does Jamie Dornan’s Anthony Reilly Think He’s A Bee?

I will point out a couple clues, easter eggs if you will, that lead to this big reveal. At the beginning of Wild Mountain Thyme Dornan does smell a flower and gets some pollen stuck in his nose. Then there’s a moment where Anthony asks why nature “made him so” out loud to said nature. So when he tells Emily Blunt’s Rosemary that he thinks he is a honeybee, she doesn’t really care. And in her own way, she’s been comparing herself to a swan the whole movie, “Swan Lake” was her go-to jam and theme song the whole time.

The reveal does account for some of his father’s reservations about his son about running the farm. Have you ever seen a honeybee own a farm? But, this isn’t something that he has been talking about around town. It’s a secret the pair now share, especially after he finally proposes to Rosemary and they live happily ever after.

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