Why Sophia Bush claims she and others were controlled and manipulated on One Tree Hill Set

The Chicago PD actress noted that, unlike today, there was no social media when she was filming One Tree Hill, so there was no way to discuss issues about wage differentials, work environments, etc.

“There was no social media where people would talk about these things and give people advice and find out if you were getting paid fairly,” she explained. “We didn’t get any of it. We were just groping in the dark.”

Sophia said working on the series brought “so much joy and so much confusion” at the same time. But based on her experience on the show, she stated that she is particularly diligent in creating a positive space on the set.

“I want my sets to be really professional – we’re not here to put up with a bunch of Dilly-Dallyes or cops – t,” she described. “I want sets that I work on to be places where people can ask and get every question answered, where we can see ourselves as a challenge rather than a threat to some extent, and where it can just be fun. “

E! News has asked WB to comment on Sophia’s claims. However, we have not yet received a response.

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