Why Hugh Grant Is Over Taking part in “Mr. Good Man” After Years of Rom-Coms

How did he eventually nail that performance? “In the end, I did those scenes on a sneaky combination of whiskey and lorazepam tranquilizers brought to me by my loyal makeup girl in a 7UP bottle,” he admitted. 

Grant continued the candid interview by giving more insight into the effects of fame in the limelight of showbiz. Specifically, there’s one trait he feels he shares with other A-list stars, including George Clooney.

He subscribes to the theory that people’s personalities are “emotionally” stuck at the age they were when they got famous. “I have found that my tastes or the things I’m most comfortable with are things I was doing and the food I was eating when I was 34. It’s quite odd,” the Brit said.

Want proof? “I’m talking to you now from the flat I had at that time and which I’ve never sold, because I like to run away here to work. I feel safe here,” he continued. “Around the corner, I’ve got five screaming children and a whole other life.” 

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