Why “Gorilla Glue Lady” Tessica Brown Would not Want the Viral Debacle on Her “Worst Enemy”

E! News: What made you pick up that adhesive in particular? 

Tessica Brown: I was getting ready to leave. I was going out, and when I went to use my regular spray that I usually use, I didn’t have any more, so I am running all over the house looking for something else I can use. Then, when I passed my refrigerator, I seen that on top of the refrigerator. I was thinking, ‘I can use this and when I come home, I can just wash it out.’ But once I got back home, it didn’t wash out. 

E!: When did you realize something might be seriously wrong?

TB: After a week, because I was scared to even call my momma and let her know that this is not coming out. 

E!: How did it feel to finally get all the glue out of your hair?  

TB: A big big relief! To be able to touch my scalp, I can’t even describe the feeling. I don’t think anybody will be able to understand the feeling of being able to touch your scalp after a month. 

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