Virgin River Boss explains why she was ready to go there with Mel and Jack


Warning: We're about to spoil Season 2, Episode 2 of Netflix Virgin River. Do you need to catch up? You know what to do.

Well folks, it finally happened. After 12 episodes of Virgin River – plus nearly a full year of waiting between seasons – Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan finally went to the bone zone. As for that relationship, the show is now called River.

The big moment follows a heated argument between Mel and Jack at the end of Episode 2. Mel wants to get everything out there so she and Jack can get back to who they were and apologize for leaving and returning without to tell him. He accepts her apology, but the conflict continues.

Mel storms out, but if you didn't know, her car battery is dead. (Fate clearly sends these two out.) So Jack drives them back to their cabin, where they make out on the porch, before heading to the part of the evening that is not suitable for younger viewers. Why didn't this long-awaited romantic milestone come sooner?

"If you've read the books, you know that sex is a big part of the books," showrunner Sue Tenney told TVLine. "But I just didn't feel like that was what the first season was about. I wanted to hold back."

As for the scene itself, star Alexandra Breckenridge (aka Mel) appreciates that the moment has remained “beautiful and tasteful” while still feeling romantic and satisfying. “Our show, I think, is PG-14,” she says with a laugh, “so there aren't many body parts to be shown. and I don't think everyone wants to see a full True Blood sex scene. And I did a True Blood scene back then. "

Not only did Tenney turn Mel and Jack's commercial into a significantly slower fire, but he also resisted the urge to leap forward between seasons. "We're sticking to a shorter timeframe here that I haven't done on other shows I've worked on. But we were afraid we'd be missing some really great things between these characters."

Tenney credits Netflix as a "fantastic partner" in storytelling. "They didn't try to rush us or get us where we wanted to," she says. "They let us tell the story, and as a storyteller, it's like catnip."

And before you even suggest that Virgin River writer Robyn Carr object to side-to-screen changes to the series, Tenney assures TVLine that she and Carr have nothing but respect for one another.

"(Carr) saw Season 1 when everyone else got it, and it was the first call I got," recalls Tenney. "She said she couldn't be happier, she thought it was amazing and she wished she had thought of some of those phrases. It's very important to honor the books and the book fans. We talk about it a lot."

Were you satisfied with Mel and Jack's long-awaited first night together? Drop in a comment below with your thoughts on the episode as well as the second season of Virgin River in general.

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