Under Deck’s Elizabeth Frankini Sounds Off on “Poisonous” Laundry Mistake & Drama With Francesca Rubi

Mistakes happen.

On Monday, Dec. 14’s episode of Below Deck, Elizabeth Frankini found herself in hot water after causing a toxic laundry error. However, in an exclusive chat with E! News, the second stewardess refused to let the accident define her or her work ethic.

According to the Bravo personality, her mind was elsewhere as she was struggling with the ongoing tension between herself and Chief Stewardess Francesca Rubi.

“I was honestly distracted by…the way Francesca answered me,” Elizabeth explained. “I was really starting to feel a lot of condescending animosity from her.”

As Elizabeth continued, she highlighted that she used “the bleach and the soap like [she has] done in [her] four-and-a-half years of experience on boats.”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t know that was so toxic and I feel so bad about it,” she continued. “You know, I do feel really bad, especially ’cause Francesca did say, ‘Take it outside.'”

While Elizabeth acknowledged that she “disregarded” Francesca’s advice, she made it clear it wasn’t intentional.

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