TI’s wife Tiny goes viral after an amazing vocal performance on VERZUZ! (Clock)

Last night the entire internet world was shut down for a couple of hours to watch the Verzuz battle between SWV and Xscape – and it was amazing. All the ladies brought their A game and not just played old songs – the groups actually performed.

And MTO News learned that one person in particular is being praised for an amazing performance – Xscape singer Tiny Harris, who is also the wife of rap superstar TI.

In recent years, Tiny has been seen more as a reality star than a singer with an amazing voice. But last night she reminded us all – exactly who she is.

Listen to her here:


This is the first good news for Tiny in months. Most recently, TI and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, were forced to denounce allegations against them after fourteen women made abuse claims against the couple.

Attorney Tyrone Blackburn, who has already represented all 14 prosecutors, is seeking a criminal investigation into TI (real name Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.), Tameka “Tiny” Harris and her associates.

The women alleged various forms of abuse, including drugs, sex trafficking, and rape. None of the accusers shared his name.

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