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Tiny Smallest Spy Mobile Phone CZ J8 Long 3 in 1 Bluetooth quick review. Smaller then a lighter.

Aug 30

Tiny Smallest Spy Mobile Phone CZ J8 Long 3 in 1 Bluetooth quick review. Smaller then a lighter.



Hi guys I wanted to do a quick review on the world's smallest being one mini bluetooth phone the one I got from eBay originally it was unlocked he's supposed to take any of the UK things you have to remember.  To get the right size theme it's a micro sized SIM card this one from eBay.  I pay 25 pounds worth free delivery came pretty soon the next day. 

Unfortunately no matter what SIM card I've used it hasn't worked they supposed to be unlocked but that I'm going to be sending back for a refund.  I got the standard USB charger lead instructions in Chinese and English but honestly no good 25 pounds.  Might sound cheap but if it doesn't work it smell good I've then gone to a local mobile phone shop in my area and above the frame.

1j a smart mini phone bluetooth dialer poplar open this is what you have an incredible 99% plastic it'll say long see Zed on it if you have a look it's smaller than the size of my finger. Compare it to a disposable lighter smaller absolutely fantastic you normal iPhone 4.  Just to give you a concept of the actual size it's discreet enough to hide in your hand keeping your handbag as a spare.  Just in case your one goes down it will make all received calls you can send a text obviously receive text messages it's got about talk times about three to five hours on it standby around for days and you can use it a doubles up as a Bluetooth headset which is really good if you want to keep your hands-free.

You've got no problems they're only 18 grams mainly plastic I don't think there's hardly any plus metal in it I beg your pardon what can I tell you switch it on I've already tried it.  It does work just to show you you can receive a phone call I'm going to give it a quick call the keyboard is really good you can hear that.  I think there is a way turning up louder but this is just a quick review that I thought I'd do before I send this crappy one back to ebay.  This morning and if I disconnect sorry you'll see three missed calls can go back check them pick up the number do whatever you want a hope of help if you're thinking about buying the freedom one j8c.  Said via have good bones and receptions not fantastic but you can hear and receive a phone call really really well like I said they discreet enough if you need a spare phone don't want to pay the odds 45 pounds not too bad thank you very much for having a look at my video and it's the first one I've done ever actually so thanks very much take care bye now

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