TI & Tiny Harris Release Statement as three more women step forward

TI and his wife Tiny Harris released another statement when three alleged victims came forward to charge them of sexual assault, drugs and sex trafficking.

The couple released a statement through attorney Steve Sadow.

“The Harrises are still waiting for the prosecutors to show themselves publicly,” Sadow told Billboard. “By continuing to hide behind anonymous accusations, the nameless accusers are effectively making themselves unbelievable and unworthy of belief. We say: Let the light shine on their identity so that we can refute these bizarre allegations. “


The three new prosecutors have decided to withhold their identities. One of the victims alleged that TI “forced them to take a powdery substance off his finger” and “[Tiny] she undressed and began to engage in sexual intercourse. She said her body was numb, the room was slowing down, and she couldn’t agree. “

Attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn is representing at least 17 alleged victims who claim to have been sexually assaulted, drugged, trafficked, or raped by their friends’ couple.

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