The flight attendants Season 2 will carry again [Spoiler] "In any kind"


A "really important" part of The Flight Attendant's first season is likely to get an encore after HBO Max's hit dramatic thriller is renewed for Season 2.

After the title-Cassie Bowden (played by Kaley Cuoco) met with the passenger "3C" alias businessman Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman) in Bangkok and woke up next morning next to his corpse, she spent the rest of the season looking in / Compare notes with the deceased using a Mind Palace story device.

And while Cassie offered that special space-adieu at the end of season one, a version of that same magical realism will play a role after Alex & # 39; s murder is solved in season two.

"I think the Mind Palace idea has to be there in season 2. It has to be there in some way, shape, or shape," although "it would look different," series creator / EP Steve Yockey shared with TVLine.

Given that Cassie stepped back from time to time to slowly understand the madness the mystery of season one had forced upon her (and grapple with her tragic childhood and the root of her alcoholism), “It's an important part of the show ", Yockey noted," and it's really important that the show literally get inside Cassie's head to unpack some of those not great decisions she's making so you can understand where it's coming from. "

Just don't expect Huisman's late Alex to be waiting for Cassie for the second time.

"In our finale, Episode 8, she has this lovely moment where she walks through the palace of thoughts and basically shuts everything down, so I think the iteration of the palace of thoughts is over," shared Yockey. "This has to do with Alex and she's moved away from it, but there would be a new version of it that should exist on a series I think."

As for the new season two mishap that would drive Cassie's troubled mind into a similar room, Yockey said discussions were just beginning, but “a second adventure would look like there was a whole new book, one another Cassie Bowden: Flight Attendant adventure. What new difficulties can she stumble into, like a male Hitchcock protagonist? How can she get involved in something bigger than herself? "

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