The Excessive Republic is the brand new starting that Star Wars has been ready for

The following contains minor (non-storyline) spoilers from the novels Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi * _,_ * Star Wars: The High Republic: Into Darkness and Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage as well as the comics Star Wars: The High Republic No. 1 and Star Wars: The Adventures of the High Republic No. 1

From the moment it was first announced that The Walt Disney Company had bought Lucasfilm, we knew we were going to get more Star Wars. And on the set, it became just as clear that Disney wanted to begin its era of Star Wars by reminding fans of the previous ones. We have a trilogy of movies that while introducing new characters, sure did bring back everyone the fans loved. We got spinoff films which was new, but both Star Wars story films dealt with characters or events that fans were already familiar with. Star Wars was supposed to take up an entire galaxy, and yet it was terribly small.

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