Tekashi threatens to show Cardi B: “I do know your REAL soiled story !! (Particulars)

MTO News has learned that there will be EPIC beef between rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and female Cardi B.

The beef between the two rappers is over a physical altercation Cardi had with Tekashi’s current GF Jade. Two years ago, Jade was working as a stripper in New York, and she reportedly had an affair with Cardi’s husband Offset.

Cardi got wind of the alleged affair and showed up at Jade’s job with a few thugs, and a fight broke out. Jade was hurt.

Cardi was charged following a crime and has been fighting the case ever since.

Cardi B; DOMINICANS IN THE DR are racists

Now MTO has got news – it looks like the case will soon be over. MTO News spoke to someone in Cardi’s warehouse who told us, “Cardi is about to make a plea with the Queens prosecutor that would basically exonerate them.”

And Tekashi is UPSET that Cardi is leaving Scott free. Check out what he posted on their page:


After that, check out what Tekashi posted:


MTO News has learned that Tekashi knows MANY people involved in Cardi’s past and is preparing a full exposure of all the things she’s done – including alleged drugs and male robbery.

One of Tekashi’s close partners told MTO News: “[he] knows the real story of Cardi and trusts me Cardi’s past is completely filthy. “

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