‘Tampon String’ Waffle House Fight Is The Top Trending Topic On Twitter! (Video)

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you’ve probably noticed that the world’s # 1 trending topic is “Waffle House Tampon String,” a video showing an argument at an Atlanta Waffle House MTO News.

The video shows an argument between a customer and a Waffle House employee – and that’s pretty tricky.

The video begins with the employee and the customer – both women – fighting against each other in the store. MTO News watched the video that showed a security guard trying to end the women’s fight.

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But it wasn’t an old fight. At some point during the fight, the two women fall to the ground and the customer is exposed. To the shock and astonishment of the audience, the woman appears to be wearing no underwear and a tampon string is clearly visible.

Here is the video:


MTO News asked the Atlanta Police and Waffle House for comment. So far, we have not received a response from either company.

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