Sylvester Stallone is Over the Prime and 11 different enjoyable 80s motion pictures to observe free of charge on YouTube

Blind Fury (1989)

Whenever someone asks for a recommendation for an insane action movie from the 80s, the answer should always be Blind Fury. Have not you seen it? Well … the film plays Rutger Hauer as a Vietnam War vet named Nick Parker, who was blinded by a mine in the jungle and later trained in the art of the sword by local villages. Years later, Nick returns to America to find his old war buddy Frank Deveraux (Terry O & # 39; Quinn) only to find out he's missing. When some crooked cops and bad guys all over the place search for Frank's child Billy (Brandon Call), the blind swordsman saves the boy and starts a ridiculous rescue mission.

This movie is crazy. How crazy actually. The late Rutger Hauer is probably best remembered for his performance in Blade Runner, but seriously, Blind Fury is 86 minutes of sheer madness and everyone should stop what they're doing and check out this hidden gem of a movie.

Stream it on YouTube Here.

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