Summer season Home’s Sandwichgate Combat Between Lindsay and Stephen Explodes in Tense Preview

Hurricane Hubbard is back with a vengeance on Summer House.

In the eye of the storm is Lindsay Hubbard‘s boyfriend Stephen Traversie, who she confronts in this exclusive sneak peek of Thursday’s all-new episode. Why? As the O.G. roommate shared with Danielle Olivera last week, she’s fed up with his demanding work schedule and constant requests for—wait for it—sandwiches.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lindsay says at the beginning of the clip after finding Stephen busy at work while the rest of the Summer House crew lounges around. “Do you understand how frustrating it is when you work all day?”

Stephen dismisses her comment, prompting Lindsay to add, “Are you gonna listen or are you gonna just type on your computer?”

At this point, Amanda Batula and Paige DeSorbo can’t help but secretly listen in—rendering Stephen’s request that Lindsay “lower” her voice useless. 

“No, you ask for things all day every day,” she shoots back.

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