Sony Announces New Columbia Pictures Aquaverse Theme Park in Thailand

Yes, there is a “Ghostbusters” experience and a “Men in Black” ride.


Sony Pictures has dived its toe multiple times in the theme park industry, but the company has announced its first dive with Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse. It is located in the coastal city of Bangsaray in Thailand and is expected to open in October 2021. This rolling opening is set to culminate in a full opening sometime in 2022.

The park is expected to be a mix of renamed rides and brand new experiences, including themed restaurants and retail outlets. Another water park from the developer Amazon Falls Co. Ltd. was located in Bangsaray, about 90 minutes from Bangkok, and is now being converted into an Aquaverse.

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Aquaverse is divided into eight areas with unique themes, each dedicated to a popular Sony item. The park’s most exciting rides take place in the Men in black Thrill Rides area, the crown jewel of which will be a 12 meter high free fall ride. You can also ride the only fully enclosed water dome in the world Ghost hunters Supernatural experience. If you’re looking for a chilled out and laid back area, head to the Lazy River at Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Swallow Falls River Adventure.

The whole family can also be entertained in the other areas of the park. The Miami theme Bad Boys Raceway, an area with high-speed go-karting tracks, and the Hotel Transylvania The kid-friendly zone is considered the park’s biggest water attraction with hundreds of features. You can also experience the thrill of being in a treacherous video game Jumanji Jungle Adventure, where jungle-themed water slides are waiting for you. The Surf’s Up in the Surfer’s Paradise area offers an exciting flow rider during the coming Vivo will be represented in the Vivo Wave Pool.

Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse in Bangsaray will begin its gentle opening sometime in October 2021. A full opening is expected in 2022. As the vaccination cycle begins in Thailand’s tourism industry, the likelihood that these dates will be adhered to increases. I just hope the water in the Ghostbusters area is colored green.

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