Shreveport rapper shot 100 occasions on Instagram: unhurt !! (Video)

A popular rapper from Shreveport, Louisiana, is fortunate enough to be alive this morning. MTO News learned that the rapper escaped after his enemies shot him 100 bullets. Amazingly, all 100 bullets missed their target.

The rapper who was the target of an apparent assassination attempt was 17-year-old Malachi "LiBand" Taylor.

LiBand is known for having very aggressive lyrics in his music. And he's also known for being heavy on the streets.

You really have to see the video to believe it – you can hear the automatic rifle shooting at him.

MTO News spoke to people near Libanb who told us the Dallas, Texas rapper was at a local club when they got into an argument with a group of men. Finally, Liband and his friend left the club, but the beef followed them into the parking lot.

Before long, 100 shots were fired and Liband and his homie were forced to run for their lives. The entire incident was captured on video.

Here is Liband:

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