SEAL Workforce Recap: Out of Service – Was it tough to see some loopy bravo?


Whoo-boy, Bravo team is a mess. And only in the final seconds of the SEAL team on Wednesday did it get more chaotic.

Two months after the events of the seismic season premiere, this was what everyone was up to:

JASON no longer works, but works in Ops – but while technically assigned to the Echo team that is on site, he can't help but monitor Bravo, which has adapted very difficultly. (In their last training exercise when they were 30 as a team leader, they missed their drop target by two clicks and didn't keep up.) As many predicted, Jason is now taking care of it CERBERUSAs we shall see later, even the dog has difficulty adjusting to its life as a non-operator. Natalie is in Jason's life, but because of her stay in Va. Beach. Because of this, Emma uses Skype to encourage her father to take his own advice and be “in or out” with the woman in his life.

BEAM just got back from WOCS, adorned with an impressive "fruit salad", so he's not a Bravo One right now. After a night of partying with his brothers at the Bulkhead, he is looking forward to a carefully planned family time with Naima and the children. However, the war on terror has other plans that require Warrant Officer Ray to report to Tunisia in order to lay the groundwork for a possible Bravo team mission.

CLAY urges papers (more specifically, proofreading "reports on reports") as a punishment for (allegedly) writing the Marsden letter. He itches to be able to operate again, and since Bravo urgently needs him, Sonny nudges him to ask Lindell. However, Lindell makes it clear that Clay's punishment is not over yet – and even if it does, he will never return to the Bravo team. (This bombshell brings Sonny quite a tear, and almost hits Ray for creating a situation where Clay selflessly took over rap.)

Everything said, SONNY is unhappy to be part of a wriggling Bravo team, ergo his anger over the Ray / Clay situation and even Jason's decision to "fire" his brothers. But even he is not without fault when his accidental packing of live ammunition for a training exercise brings the exercise to a standstill. On the bright side DAVIS earned a promotion, although that may mean "more eyes" on her and she and Sonny seemingly reconsidering romance.

At the end of the episode, Jason meets Natalie at Bulkhead for an introspective speech that appears to prepare for his return to operations. But – change of plot! – Instead, he asks her to stay with him while he faces the unknowns of ops life.

Meanwhile in Tunisia: Ray takes excellent care of the local ambassador, notes Olivia Green, a colleague at the Foreign Ministry. But just then, as they were sitting in a cafe on the second floor, an explosion destroyed the entire side of the building, exactly where Ray and Greene had been …

What did you think of the episode "The New Normal," as hard as it was to see this almost unrecognizable Bravo team behave so badly?

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