Sarah Paulson is unrecognizable as Linda Tripp within the first look on "American Crime Story: Impeachment".

It seems like filming has finally started for FX's belated third season American criminal historywho will focus on the impeachment process of President Bill Clinton as told through the eyes of Monica Lewinsky. Titled American Crime Story: Impeachment, the show stars Sarah Paulson as Linda TrippPaulson, who secretly recorded her calls with Lewinsky, and Paulson took a first look at her physical transformation for the role.

Paulson previously transformed for her tremendous twist in the first season of Ryan MurphyAnthology series, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Criminal History, but it is Tripp's turn to have a full denture. It's a journey.

The original plan was to prepare for impeachment for the 2020 presidential election, but luckily Murphy and FX have dropped those plans. The series has an outstanding ensemble that includes Clive Owen as Bill Clinton, Betty Gilpin as Ann Coulter and Billy Eichner as Matt Drudge, although it is not yet known who will play Hillary Clinton.

Murphy previously told us that the idea for Impeachment is to tell Lewinsky's story, noting that she is involved in the show:

“I'm very, very excited that Monica Lewinsky's version of what happened is going to be released in the world, and I think she deserves the right to be able to tell her story how she wants to tell it I think your version of what happened and the facts are going to astound people very much and I think it's important, I love and care for you as a person.

It's very similar to what happened when we did OJ with Marcia Clark. You forget how maligned and misunderstood Marcia Clark was, and I see Monica the same way. That she wasn't treated fairly and that she is a cultural figure who literally deserves her day in court and on this show she will get it. "

An impeachment date is not yet known, but the first two seasons of ACS have been fantastic – too few people have prepared for it The assassination of Gianni Versace realizing how brilliant and nuanced it was in relation to its cover story.

Check out Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp below and wait for more updates to the American Crime story as the season continues.

Linda. American Crime Story: The impeachment has started with the main photograph @MrRPMurphy

– Sarah Paulson (@MsSarahPaulson) November 13, 2020

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