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Once in a while you hear about transparent smartphones although various smartphone manufacturers have been developing this advanced technology for decades there are as yet no devices available that are fully transparent Samsung looks busy with the development of a transparent display device. I will tell you in detail but if you are new here and want to stay up to date about the latest tech reviews and news please hit the subscribe followed by the bell in January 2020 Samsung electronics filed a utility patent with the united states patent and trademark office.

The patent was published on august 27 2020 and describes the technology needed to create a transparent smartphone alternatively the technology could also be applicable to other consumer electronics products such as a tv monitor laptop and game console as a basis an OLED display is used which is characterized by low power consumption high brightness and a faster response time than conventional LCD displays the OLED screen is equipped with a transparent luminous display panel through which light can shine thus content can be displayed on the transparent screen while users can simultaneously see through the phone it can be a flat display but also a flexible screen that can bend fold and a roll according to the patent description it is a technically defined patent that goes into great detail about the different layers and components required to achieve transparency the patent images show a modern smartphone with narrow bezels and the large transparent screen each pixel on the phone's display would allow light to pass through.

It effectively rendering the screen transparent in Samsung's patent drawings that transparent screen resembles a window through which the holder's hand can be seen only the bezels seem to be opaque dreams of transparent phones aren't new LG had a crack in 2009 with the gd 900 but it only featured a transparent keypad sony Ericsson followed up with the Xperia pureness which to its credit did feature a transparent display it wasn't very good though the company would need to find a way of housing the battery and other components so as to not interfere with the transparent display or somehow make those elements transparent to it's a problem that was demonstrated by Taiwanese firm polytron technologies transparent phone in 2013.

The sd card and ribbon cables were still visible despite the phone's largely transparent body these patents rarely develop into mainstream devices so don't expect Samsung to launch a transparent galaxy s or note series shortly but the search for the next big smartphone innovation is taking companies to the extreme.  If not impractical lengths that's the end of this video let us know your thoughts in the comment section below I will see you in my next video.

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