S.C. Girl embezzled cash so she might meet with Magic Johnson!

According to MTO News, Magic Johnson is being dragged into a very chaotic situation in South Carolina.

A former councilor is charged with stealing tax money and her prosecutors claim that some of the funds were used to meet Magic Johnson, although it is not clear what the "meeting" looked like.


Richland County Council vice chairman Dahli Myers has been charged with "illegal use" of the county's credit card, Creighton Waters, chief attorney for the state's Grand Jury Division, told the media. Dahli Myers reportedly charged trips on the map, including trips to Greece, Georgia, Illinois, Detroit, and Nashville.

But one trip that stood out and got people talking.

She was making a trip to Newark, New Jersey for a purpose under the indictment. Myers reportedly used her county credit card to take a trip to Newark to "track" Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson is currently married. He has lived with HIV for more than 20 years.


Prosecutors did not provide any further details about the trip or their relationship with Magic, if any. In September 2019, Magic made a high profile visit to Newark to tour the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. His company has a food service contract with the hospital.


Dahli is a lawyer first elected in 2016 during a special election to fill the place of former councilor Kelvin Washington. He was removed from office after pleading guilty for not filing an income tax return.

Dahli was suspended from office for the final two weeks of her position after losing the Democratic elementary school in June. The 24 counts include those for misconduct in office, using their government position for personal gain, embezzlement, writing a fraudulent check, and misusing their campaign funds for personal expenses.

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