Rogue One traits for the 4th anniversary, followers name it Disney's greatest Star Wars film

Rogue One hit theaters 4 years ago today and is currently dubbed the best Disney Star Wars movie on social media. Many fans were skeptical of Disney when they acquired Lucasfilm, wondering what the future would bring for one of the largest franchises in the world. The first hint came in 2015 with the release of The Force Awakens, which grossed over $ 2 billion at the global box office. While the money was certainly great for the studio, many hardcore fans left fear of the worst in the film.

While Rogue One wasn't exactly a hit with critics and viewers when it was released 4 years ago (December 16, 2016), it has since become a fan favorite. It was the franchise's first spin-off, and fans weren't sure what to expect with some characters they'd never seen before. Now fans are looking forward to seeing Diego Luna return in the prequel series. Andor, which will be streamed exclusively on Disney + in 2022.

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The Rogue One Anniversary has the trend of the movie as fans share their love for it. Rogue One is the definitive Disney war of stars Film, "says one fan on Twitter. Another fan says," Happy 4th birthday to my favorite Disney Star Wars movie, "while another fan made his point of view clearer:" The only good Disney Star Wars movie . "The sequel to the trilogy ended late last year with The Rise of Skywalker and a lot of people are still very angry about the end of all three films.

Solo was the next spin-off film to hit theaters, and like Rogue One, it wasn't an instant hit with fans. On the heels of The Last Jedi, it really didn't stand a chance at the box office when Star Wars fatigue set in. Disney pumped the breaks and canceled many projects in development and went straight back to the drawing board. During that time, fans returned to Rogue One and praised it on social media. In the 4 years since its release, many fans have put it at the top of their all-time favorite Star Wars movies, although some of the special effects have shown their age in that short time, resulting in a DeepFake makeover.

"Rogue One is the best Disney Star Wars movie. I spoke," says another Star Wars fan on Twitter. Not only does Rogue One have a gripping storyline, but it's also been recognized for its graphics. Another fan asks, "Can we talk about how beautiful a Rogue One movie is and how easy it is to make the best-looking Disney Star Wars movie?" Andor didn't start production until late November, and Disney plans to stream the limited series in 2022. No official release date has been announced at this time. If you want to celebrate Rogue One today, you can stream the movie on the Disney + official website.

Can we talk about how beautiful a Rogue One movie is, and how simple the best looking Disney Star Wars movie is

– Jake Frost ???? | CEO of Cal Kestis | Age in Bio (@CalKcstis) December 16, 2020

I've seen this movie way too many times, but because it's the best Disney Star Wars movie #

– one day villain (@wazcskis) December 16, 2020

Rogue One is the best Disney Star Wars movie. I have spoken.

– damo???? (@MFDAMO) December 16, 2020

Happy 4 years to the best Disney Star Wars film. Sorry, I don't make any rules here.

– Joe (@thisislijoe) December 16, 2020

The only good Disney Star Wars movie ????????

– Lebbertoxd (@InsaneLetterbox) December 16, 2020

Happy 4th Birthday to my favorite Disney Star Wars movies ✌????

– Ryan (oh wow) Young (@ Ryanwyoung_01) December 16, 2020

Rogue One is the definitive Disney Star Wars film.

– Krennic's Receptionist (@OslonKrennic) December 16, 2020

"Disney Star Wars" seems to be back in trend, so here's a # RogueOne thank you post.

This scene in particular is fantastic. Personally, this movie is my favorite in Disney Star Wars.

– Movie Guy @ (@RealMovieDude) December 16, 2020

Rogue One is one of the greatest things from the Disney Star Wars era.

– Peanut (@daisyfromjakku) December 16, 2020

& # 39; Rogue One & # 39; was published 4 years ago today

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