Rapper Wiz Khalifa Goes Viral After Kissing 7 Yr Previous Son On Lips!!

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is going viral on social media today, after posting a video showing him kiss his 7 year old son on the lips.

In the video Wiz is seen hugging 7 year old son Sebastian. He then asks the boy, “What about my kiss?” Following that Wiz planted an awkward peck on the boy’s lips.

Wiz shared the video to his fans on social media, and many on social media are upset with Wiz’ affection towards his only child.

Here’s the video:

Here are just a few responses from upset fans:

Wiz is just the latest celebrity father who has been accused of being “creepy” for kissing his son on the lips. Last year NFL legend Tom Brady was criticized after he posted a video showing him kiss his 11 year old son on the lips.



In many cultures, kissing children on the lips is “normal” and an appropriate way to show affection. Apparently to some, however, not so much in America.

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