Rapper Boosie ambushed in Dallas; Automobile shot close to MO3! (Video)

Rapper Boosie Badazz was almost killed in Dallas, Texas today, just days after his good friend MO3 was murdered in the same city.

The shooutout took place at Big T, a popular mall / flea market in the city. It's not clear who shot whom, but many believe Boosie was the target of a possible assassination attempt.

MTO News confirmed that a group of gunmen pulled up the Louisiana rapper's sprinter van and opened fire. According to the viewers, the men tried to murder Boosie.

Fortunately, Boosie's security team was able to protect him. MTO News reports that Boosie managed to escape his vehicle with the help of his safety – and made it off the scene unscathed.

Online reports stating that Boosie was shot or killed are false, in other words CAP-MTO News can confirm this.

Here is a video that showed the eyewitnesses what happened:

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