Philadelphia woman runs over ‘friend’; Claims “Self Defense” !!

A Philly woman was caught on camera running over her boyfriend in her car, and MTO News has learned that the woman claims her actions were in some way “self-defense”.

The entire incident was captured on camera. In the video watched by MTO News, the wife and husband argue.

The woman – sitting in a car – seems to have had enough. She turns the car over and appears to be running over the man’s legs on purpose.

The video of the incident quickly went viral. And social media pundits quickly identified a woman’s Twitter account who they believe was the one in the video.

The woman was confronted with her actions and she claims that what she was doing was “self-defense” and said the man “made her dirty”. MTO News could not independently confirm whether the Twitter account was actually that of the woman in the video.


But Twitter users immediately speculated what might have caused the woman to tear the man down. Some speculate that the man may have cheated, others have alternative explanations.

MTO News has contacted the Philadelphia police on the matter. So far we have not received any comment.

Here is a video of the argument:

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