Petit Biscuit Reveals Massive Gigantic & Jai Wolf Remixes Forward of Remix LP "Parachute" [LISTEN]

Petit biscuitThe second album of 2020 Parachute catches the wind again with the manufacturer's announcement Parachute Remix LP.

The captivating sounds of the classically trained artist Petit Biscuit are reinterpreted by other artists Big gigantic and Jai Wolf in this great revelation. With critical support for the album and great momentum in 2021, the producer is preparing for a full remix of the LP.

Petit Biscuit shares his enthusiasm for the Big Gigantic Remix:

I've seen Big Gigantic in many festival lineups without seeing them live … something I really want to do. This remix is ​​everything I was hoping for when I asked Big Gigantic to do one. Parachute has a lot of groove now and their instrumental brings more luck to these serious lyrics. If we can tour again, I swear I'll see them live!

He also shows love for the Jai Wolf Remix:

The first time I met Jai Wolf was 2 years ago during the Sasquatch Music Festival in the US. I'm glad how the remix turned out. It gets that signature and energy from Jai Wolf and brings back even more of the "late night drive" feeling that I was looking for when creating "Drivin Thru the Night".

Listen to both brand new remixes in a row here!

Petit Biscuit – Fallschirm (Big Gigantic Remix)

Petit Biscuit – Drive Through the Night (Jai Wolf Remix)

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