No Man’s Sky Gamers Create Devoted Rave Planets

When video game No Man’s Sky first released on August 9, 2016, many of the core features that developers had promised players were missing. At the time, the game was losing users by the thousands, but English indie studio Hello Games worked tirelessly and offered massive, free patches one after another to make it into the very fully functioning game it is today.

With all of the new updates, players are able to do things they never would have dreamed of at launch, including creating full “rave planets.”

Many games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox are also getting in on the virtual rave craze these days, but No Man’s Sky is the only one that offers both a fully customizable environment as well as AAA graphics.

Hello Games added a fully functional synthesizer to the game late last year, allowing players to create unique music that can be heard by visitors. After coming up with the idea, a group of players, known as The Galactic Hub, “settled on two planets in No Man’s Sky that were in close proximity to each other and began building dozens of bases that feature musical stages, meteor showers, and inventions that combine music with mini-games,” reports Game Rant.

new byteblast at the rave colony (PC normal) from NMSGalacticHub

The planets are called Lepios and Electric Diplo Carnival, each with their own unique ecosystems and planetary events. Hello Games released the Origins update to No Man’s Sky earlier this year that dramatically increased the planet count and made some major UI changes to the game. Up to 32 players band together to explore the vast beyond on next-gen consoles, meaning you can create some very intimate settings for friends.



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Go out and find the planets and have fun!


via Game Rant

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