Newest Masked Singer Castoff: "I believe Sinatra might be rolling round in his grave proper now."

And now the end is near, a performer stands in front of the last curtain of The Masked Singer. My friends, he will make it clear, he will state his case that he is sure of. He lived In a full fourth season, he has come both soulful and rocky roads. But more, much more than that …

Paul Anka was broccoli.

On this week's episode of Fox's Reality Singing Contest, the gold chain crudite tumbled despite a vigorous rendition of Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll". (Read a recap of the episode.) On Wednesday, TVLine spoke to the prolific singer / songwriter – whose countless hits include "Lay Your Head On My Shoulder," "Puppy Love," "Having My Baby," and, yes, "Mine Away ”- about his masked tenure, but we couldn't resist talking about his Gilmore Girls cameo and TikTok (where he enjoys an unexpected renewed relevance).

TVLINE | Thank you for your time, especially on this crazy pre-holiday week that we have started.
Listen, I'm glad we're having fun with it. Where are you kim

TVLINE | I am in New York City. What about you?
Another New Yorker. I'm fine. We're in California wearing all this circus and weirdness. It's pretty challenging.

TVLINE | And in the middle of it all, you were a giant broccoli head.
I was a broccoli, my favorite food. I left.

TVLINE | How did that happen?
Well everything in my business is a phone call. So I got a call and I was a fan of the show, as was my family. I think it was just about: I had the opportunity to get out of the house, see a show I like, sing music – and realize that I couldn't. In the 60 years I've been doing it, I haven't been that long away from work and it looks like we won't be returning until next summer. Hopefully. Who knows? I mean you know the mess out there. So I said, "Yeah, it's going to be a nice break. It's a fun show." The costumes are obviously the big item.

TVLINE | You had a good run in the competition despite being someone known for their voice and songs. What do you think kept people from guessing you?
Well, my intention to carry it out and understand that I'll be in a costume – and if you had told me years ago I was a broccoli on a program I would have laughed at you. But to understand what it was, I wanted to make music that had energy. I wanted to muster a lot of energy. I picked songs that wouldn't be the norm for me. Not that I couldn't handle it, but I have a lot of songs that I haven't written. Usually I'm on stage doing "My Way".

TVLINE | Did you watch the show while it was on the air?
Oh yeah.

TVLINE | Did you have any idea about any of the previously exposed people?
No I did not. I had no idea until the clues came out and some of the judges rang a few buttons for me … But when I was doing the show, I had no idea. I think maybe I sensed (Bob) Saget somewhere in the process, but otherwise I had no idea.

TVLINE | I hope you will treat me for a minute. We have a lot of Gilmore Girls fans who read our website regularly – do people ever bring up your time on the show?
The whole time. Yes. For a long time. You are very talented, the writers and producers. I know her and when it started a long time ago it was amusing. I am also a fan of this show. My family too. So it was cool. I travel Europe, South America and all over the world. It always came from people, except that people didn't even know who I was or what I was doing. You were young enough. Then only now, with TikTok with "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" which is so big there, the record I have with Doja Cat, and do you know who I am? So it really fits together, Paul Anka on this show and then what I'm doing today, where I get a lot of feedback from young teenagers because of the music.

TVLINE | TikTok – and your fame on it – is so interesting to me. I mean, think about when you started and you won the contest that brought you to New York City: could you ever imagine that one day we'd all be walking around in our pockets with these machines, every kind of music? and video whenever you want?
No way. Look, I didn't imagine when Jimi blew up Hendrix. You need to understand that there was some kind of pattern of what you did in a studio, how you worked, and who you worked with. I saw the Beatles first, went to Europe and knew them. We didn't live in a media-driven society back then. I would come home and tell my agents and people about these Beatles and they would look at me and say, "No." We didn't expect that either and when Hendrix met? And then the technical aspect – even if that is an essential part of what we do today. I mean, I'm doing an album right now. I just finished (recording with Andrea) Bocelli the other day. I had Olivia Newton-John in the Santa Barbara studio. It's not a duet album, but I have some guests there.

Who would have thought it would ever get to this point? If I wanted Bocelli on an album we would do it (remotely) from a studio in Italy. And we just did Il Divo, and they've been to Spain and New York. To think that we have something like TikTok just amazes me. I have a 15 year old boy and my grandchildren are with me everywhere. You know what it is. Then these kids sing, "Put your head on my shoulder." You would never have convinced me years ago that this would revive any of my songs. I just look at it and just shake my head and go along. Bizarre you know

… So it's pretty amazing, but I don't live in yesterday. My rearview mirror was thrown. I try to stay very current and work with what it is.

TVLINE | It is rare that you have had as long a career in entertainment as you have before.
Well, it's been a while. We're getting ready for the documentary and I'm sure there will be broccoli in there (laughs) … I mean the side by side what I did with my broccoli and then hung out with the rat packet? It's really bizarre. I think Sinatra is probably rolling around in his grave right now.

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