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New Pendant Necklace designs

Oct 14

Poppies and Thyme Pendant Necklaces

Stay-at-home Mum Attracts Raving Reviews As She Adds Two New Top of The Line Necklaces to Her Jewelry Brand - Poppies and Thyme

New Zealand based Stay-at-home mum, jewelry enthusiast, and CEO of 'Poppies and Thyme, Natasha, with a growing market presence in the United States is pleased to add two beautiful necklaces to her Jewelry retail collection

Jewels are aesthetically pleasing, possessing numerous meanings, including class, wealth, and power. The oldest piece of jewelry according to New York Times is over 100,000 years old, thus crowning jewelry as one of the oldest ornaments in human history. Jewelry was one of the biggest possessions of some historical royals, after land and money. It was so precious that at a certain period in history, only a select few were entitled to use Jewelry.

Poppies and Thyme, understanding the fashion industry and what jewelry enthusiasts crave, had decided to make affordable necklaces for its huge customer base in countries like New Zealand, United States, Canada, and Western Europe.

Poppies and Thyme is a jewelry-making company founded by a Stay-at-home mum, who strives to make well-fitting, top of the line jewelry. She takes the quote "Jewelry always fits" quite seriously and tries her possible best with some of the best Jewelry materials available—her latest products are a testament to that.

She has generated a ton of reviews on enough to convince even the most economical window shopper that her brand is all about class and quality. The review from Janice Penson on strikes a common cord.

“Thank you sooooooo much for my Necklace I love it!

A ton of other consumers also left heartwarming and positive reviews on the company’s website and social media handles. These reviews indicate the high percentage of buyers who have one or more pieces of necklaces from Poppies and Thyme as favorites.

The names of these new products are:

  1. The Butterfly Necklace
  2. Initial Pendant Necklace

Here are some of the other popular designs:

Vintage Blue Butterfly Necklace

Addressing the reason for the delay in launching the products, Natasha had this to say, "We are glad and pleased we can release these two new design areas we have been asked for. It has taken some time, but that is because we wanted to provide a large range to make sure there was a lot to choose from."

She also gave some insightful meaning to the butterfly design in a recent statement, "The butterfly design included the Monarch design. In our family the monarch was a sign of Opa (grandfather) watching over his grandchildren)"

For more information about the Butterfly Necklace, Initial Pendant Necklace, and existing products, kindly visit

The company also has a presence on social media.