Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway Trailer Reveals Release Date

The expected film is a continuation of the classic 80s films.


Rejoice, Mecha fans! We just got a brand new trailer for the much anticipated Mobile suit Gundam: Hathaway, and it shows it will be released on Netflix after several delays due to the pandemic.

Gundam: Hathaway is a sequel to the classic Gundam films of the 1980s, more precisely, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s counterattack. The film is actually the first in an upcoming trilogy, each of which will cover one of the three novels in the Hathaway Flash trilogy. But what makes Hathaway even more special and unique as a Gundam film is this original creator Yoshiyuki Tomino returned to write the script for the film.


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Gundam: Hathaway is set twelve years after the events of Gundam: Char’s Counterattack and follows Hathaway Noa’s attempts to stop the increasingly powerful Earth Federation as part of a terrorist organization called Mafty. The trailer has everything you could want in a Gundam trailer, with breathtaking mecha action, great animation and loads of politics.

The film has been postponed three times due to the pandemic and state of emergency in Japan, with the final release date slated for tomorrow June 11th. It’s unclear when Netflix will release Gundam: Hathaway, and if it will be released simultaneously around the world, or if it will get the usual “Netflix jail” treatment and not release it until a few months after its first Japanese release.

It seems that Netflix is ​​fully in the Gundam business and fans can look forward to a lot in the near future. The streamer also has a live action Gundam movie that is currently in development Kong: Jordan Vogt-Roberts from Skull Island Director and Y: Brian K. Vaughn from The Last Man write the script.

While we don’t have any further details on Gundam: Hathaway, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as more information comes in. Check out the trailer below:

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