Mike Lisanti: New COO of Prodigy Artists

From producing and writing his own music on previous music projects to managing some of the hottest names in dance music, Mike Lisanti has been a huge force in the EDM world for most of the past decade. He represents names such as Habstrakt, Crankdat and Kompany and, with the new title of COO, is now one of the top officers of the Prodigy Artists. As much as we love speaking to the greatest talent in dance music, it is undoubtedly an experience in itself to get a glimpse of the hits behind the scenes. After working for Lisanti for two years, we asked about his new job, what the past year has meant for him and what the future will bring with his new responsibilities!

What skills did you need to achieve your new position after two years at Prodigy?

I’ve been in business for about a decade now. As a producer, performer, label representative, tour manager, audio / production technician, I previously managed artists such as TYNAN, CVBZ, Champagne Drip and others before bringing some clients to Prodigy Artists. I have been an independent management partner for a little over two years, working independently with my own systems and processes under the Prodigy umbrella with co-founders Will Runzel and Steven Haddad. I believe the perfect combination of trust, honesty and mutual respect for each other’s strengths, weaknesses and interests ultimately led us to where we are today. I’ve always been very entrepreneurial and always had a very joint venture relationship with my co-management partnership with Will and Steven so the move has felt very organic and smooth.

What are your plans as COO at prodigy?

I already plan to be the glue that fully syncs the top business development strategy with day-to-day operations not only on the business side but also on the management / creative side. Although I am now in contact with the entire list of Prodigy Artists, I still actively manage Habstrakt, Kompany, Crankdat, Effin and Nitepunk. As I am still heavily involved in management practice and delegating my own team, my ability to lead other managers and help them build their teams and operations remains fine-tuned as I have both an executive hat and a hat these days for active managers wear. Communication is everything and I plan to keep this on top of all training goals – it’s okay to make mistakes, just be communicative and learn how to take responsibility and get around it.

Given the current nature of the global pandemic, how do you see the world reopening?

While I am optimistic that the whole world will come back from this, our tour dates for 2021 are mostly North American territory until all international COVID issues are resolved, travel / visas are less painful and we are able to have safe events in all regions . Fall 2021 looks promising, and 2022 will be the year that January through December things will feel more normal through and through.

How have you seen artists and the industry as a whole step on the table during these troubled times we live in?

With the electronic music scene relying so heavily on touring as a whole, the restrictions required to keep the world safe from the pandemic have a huge impact on overall revenue. While the last year has been extremely tough and (hopefully) a one-off scenario, I believe the lack of shows in 2020 has brought a lot of positives. Not only have artists been able to expand their brands more than non-shows on tours, but the past year has discovered a lot of talent new and old that has been helpful for artists to succeed and get out of this bigger and stronger. Not only did I get out of my entrepreneurial and financial shell in the last year, I discovered my love for business and found that, of course, my brain is wired to be one step ahead of things from an operational perspective and things from all angles looks at all possible outcomes before making a decision (big or small).

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