Memphis Garrett’s Ex Reacts to Him Transferring on With Huge Brother Co-Star Christmas Abbott

“It was kind of a shock to me because it more so sounded like, ‘Hey, we were at a bar drinking and some fans saw us and took some photos,’ which I already knew about because I saw them on Instagram,” Scalise explained. “But never did he say, ‘Hey, the weekend she got out here, we set up a photo shoot, did a bunch of interviews…and all of that will be coming out this weekend.'”

It was a startling sequence of events for the Chicago native, who has known Garrett for six years, started dating him after he reached out to her around the start of quarantine early this year and had been living with him and his son, River, in Florida up until just recently. 

“Before he left [for the show], he asked me to move in. He was like, ‘By the time I get back, if I end up doing this in the long run, I hope that you’re moved in here when I get back,'” Scalise alleged. “And that kind of was the plan. When he left, he was like, ‘My house is your house, and I’d like you to spend most of your time here.’ I was gonna take a job in Chicago, and he was like, ‘You know, I really don’t feel comfortable with you taking this job in Chicago,’ and that’s when I agreed to help out with [his] restaurant. I mean, he wasn’t paying me or anything. I was just doing it as what any normal girlfriend would do.”

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