Megan Thee Stallion goals at Tory Lanez at & # 39; Photographs Fired & # 39; !!

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion is trending online after using a song from her album to target her former boyfriend, Tory Lanez.

"Imagine making a real bitch (huh?) / Just to save face for rappers you chill with / Imagine I give you it was your birthday (F *) ck you) / You in your feelings, I just thought it was a Thursday again, "she raps on" Shots Fired ".

The song uses Biggie Smalls' classic "Who Shot Ya" beat.

MEGAN THEE stallion breaks her silence while shooting

She also doubles the claims she made in her recent GQ interview where she claimed Lanez tried to pay her to keep quiet after he allegedly shot her.

"You offered M & # 39; s not to talk, I think that upset my friend, hmm / now you're in cahoots, huh (okay) you a hangover in boots / you have a 5 & # 39; 10 "Bitch with a .22 / talkin shot & # 39; & # 39; over bones and tendons like these bullets weren't pellets / A p * ssy n * gga with a gun in his feelings / OK, he in the back seat and he keeps calling me a slut (he a slut). ""

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