Many reveals resulted in 2020, however we’ll miss these 10 essentially the most

In a strange, difficult year, our favorite TV shows took on new meanings – as an escape, a comfort, a means of laughing, or a sense of tragedy and a form of connection with friends far away. That made it even harder to say goodbye to the shows that ended in 2020, whether they were suddenly canceled like Teenage Bounty Hunters and One Day at a Time or went on their terms like The Good Place and Schitt & # 39; s Creek.

Some series were even "not renewed" this year – especially Netflix's GLOW, which was filming its fourth and final season when production was discontinued in the spring. Thanks to the challenges Netflix put in "shooting this physically intimate show with its large cast," this fourth season will never end. Losing GLOW or any other TV show isn't the worst this year, but it doesn't help.

Both GLOW and the likewise unrenovated The Society aired their final episodes in 2019, so you won't find them on this list as much as we will miss them. (What happened to the dog in The Society? We need to know!) Because we can only grieve so much at a time, we stuck to shows that aired their final episodes that year – and there were plenty of them. From absurdly long-running series to new favorites that have just started, here are 10 of the shows that were canceled in 2020 that we will miss the most. See the gallery below for a full list of the shows that ended this year.

Last episode broadcast: January 28th

Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, Arrow

Arrow changed the face of The CW almost a decade ago, becoming the flagship series for a shared television universe, much like Marvel did on the big screen. The show ended with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) having a happy reunion with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) in the afterlife. This was a welcome respite after the hooded hero had tortured his vigilantes for so much time and convinced that he had to live a solitary life to keep those he loved to safety. The end of Arrow marked the true end of an era for The CW, and it's strange to think that his universe goes on without the original show. The consolation is that the Arrowverse has been left in very capable, heroic hands. Read our recap of the finale and actor David Ramsey's thoughts on the finale. – Megan Vick

Last episode broadcast: January 30th

Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, Ted Danson and D & # 39; Arcy Carden, The Good Place

Before Jeremy Bearimy got full that year, The Good Place stepped into its own afterlife with a sincere, emotional series finale. It was an episode about saying goodbye on your own terms, delivered by a show that could say goodbye on its own terms. It all ended fittingly, but nothing caught our eye this year like Michael's (Ted Danson) delight in simple human pleasures like burning his hands on microwave evenings and receiving a reward card from a neighbor. In the end, The Good Place gave fans one last look at how to live: grateful for doing the right thing just because it's right. "I really hope people watch (The Good Place) and think I want relationships to feel a little more like that in my own life," star William Jackson Harper told TV Guide. Read more about Harper's thoughts at the end of the show as well as our series finale recap. Also, check out Star D & # 39; Arcy Carden's ranking among the series' many Janets.

Last episode broadcast: 14th of February

When Hulu first announced it was turning high fidelity into a TV series and changing the lead role, the news met with great skepticism. But as soon as people saw Zoë Kravitz as Rob, doubts were cast aside. High Fidelity's thoughtful musical choices made the series an instant TV comfort food. In addition to the seriously talented Kravitz, the cast included Kingsley Ben-Adir and Da & # 39; Vine Joy Randolph, whose favorite character would have been the focus of a second season. The show made us think, laugh and feel, but unfortunately it was a miracle for a season. Read our review. – Diane Gordon

Last episode broadcast: 21st of February

Constance Wu, Randall Park; Degrees off the boat

The time and again underrated Fresh Off the Boat drove into the sunset earlier this year after a sixth season that sent the Huangs into the new millennium. We'll miss the family at the center of this cute, groundbreaking sitcom: the unwaveringly confident Jessica (Constance Wu) with her hilarious one-liners; eternal optimist Louis (Randall Park) who really loved his hair; and their three boys, who were as fun and personable as any kids on TV because Fresh Off the Boat really liked and respected kids. It has never been more fun reliving the 90s. Read our homage to the show.

Last episode broadcast: 7th of April

Eugene Levy, Catherine O & # 39; Hara, Dan Levy, Noah Reid, Emily Hampshire, Annie Murphy and Schitt & # 39; s Creek

One of TV Guide's favorite shows this year ended with a cute, easy finale that gave showrunner and star Dan Levy the chance to end the Rose family story on his terms. “The idea was to tell the sentimental stories first and leave the celebration for the end so we don't leave our audience with something that's too persistent. It should feel like a really great episode of Schitt's Creek and I feel like it is, "Levy told TV Guide. "Just saying goodbye was way more powerful than anything else we could have done." Saying goodbye to Schitt & # 39; s Creek wasn't easy in a year that benefited from the generous optimism of the beloved Canadian sitcom – but this Emmys sweep softened the blow. Read more about Levy's thoughts on the series finale as well as our recap of the last episode.

Last episode broadcast: June 16

Isabella Gomez, Justina Machado, Marcel Ruiz, Rita Moreno, one day at a time

Day after day came back from the dead once in its too short life, and 2020's non-survival doesn't make it any less wonderful. Norman Lear's serious reboot garnered huge acclaim from both critics and fans, who urged the show to be saved when it was first canceled by Netflix in 2019. The sitcom was eventually brought back from Pop TV for a fourth season and was in the middle of filming and airing that season when production was suspended that spring. We may not have got the right ending that we deserved, but at least we have a few extra episodes – and if there is justice, the legacy of the show will continue to play out on television. "I want doors to open to other people like us," star Justina Machado told TV Guide in 2018. "I want to see shows out there. I want this to be the norm, not the exception." Read showrunners Mike Royce and Gloria Calderón Kellett about how the last episode of the show, an animated political special, came together and what hopes fans will get out of the story.

Last episode broadcast: June 27th

Louis Hofmann and Lisa Vicari, Dark

The time-spanning darkness examining the intricate connections between four families in a small German town was already quite difficult to follow before the third and final season introduced multiple universes and divided realities. Dark cemented its legacy as the most delectable and confusing show on television, ending this summer with a finale that we really can't explain at all other than to say it was great – and that your opinion on whether it was hopeful or bleak, probably a says a lot about you. In any case, watching them with the help of flowcharts was our favorite show. Check out our recap of the Dark series finale, our explanation of how everyone is connected on Dark, and our full breakdown of the Dark timeline.

Last episode broadcast: August 14th

Anjelica Bette Fellini, Kadeem Hardison and Maddie Phillips, teenage bounty hunters

A favorite show that's canceled always hurts, but Teenage Bounty Hunters' untimely ending hurt especially. The Netflix dramedy came out with an extremely fun and totally original first (and only) season that centered on two teenage girls who – you'll never believe it – get into a sideline as bounty hunters, which of course leads to a lot of crazy adventures and quickly gets out of control in the most ridiculous ways. But what really started the show, and what made it so fun to watch, has always been the chemistry between the unlikely trio at the center of the show: teenagers Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini). and her grizzled, disaffected mentor, Bowser (Kadeem Hardison). "It's such a strange, delightful love story between these two different universes coming together," Hardison told TV Guide. "Just a really great view of what humans can be, the goodness within us that will shine through no matter what." Read more about what Hardison said about his time on the show, as well as our look back on season one. – Allison Picurro

Last episode broadcast: November 19th

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

To be honest, the idea of ​​a TV landscape without Supernatural has not yet fully worked out. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last run of the horror series was dragged out for most of 2020, and after a decade and a half on the air, there would never be a perfect way to end the show. There are fans of this show who weren't alive when it premiered in 2005. TV Guide paid tribute to the show's departure with five days of content – dubbed Winchester Week – and celebrated the impact of Supernatural's iconic episodes, a memorable guest star, and unwavering belief that family is everything. If it's too early for you to relive the Winchester Brothers' journey from the start, there are at least several shows like Supernatural to get us through the pain of having to say goodbye. Read our recap of the Supernatural series finale. – Megan Vick

The last episode will be broadcast: 30th of December

Alexander Ludwig, Viking

In the final days of 2020, Vikings fans will find out how to resolve that mid-season cliffhanger when the drama’s final 10 episodes hit Amazon on December 30th. This is a huge shock to the norm of the show. Episodes previously broadcast weekly on History (Season 6, Part 2, will be broadcast at a later, unannounced time). But one thing is unlikely to change: we expect a lot of characters not to come out alive. At the Comic-Con this summer, the creator Michael Hirst teased: "The characters that we all – including myself – have come to love will all have to decide their fate. Whether they live or die is of course in the hands of the gods – although I had a hand in it too. "He added," I think the ending to the saga is deeply gratifying, an appropriate and meaningful ending. And I hope all of our fans feel the same way. " Read what Viking star Alexander Ludwig said to TV Guide after the mid-season finale and what Hirst had to say. Plus, find out about the upcoming Vikings: Valhalla spin-offs and check out 10 other shows like Vikings to help ease the pain of his departure.

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