Lil Wayne Marries Plus Size Latina Model Denise Bidot !! (Images)

Rap superstar Lil Wayne got married to longtime girlfriend Denise Bidot today, which MTO News confirmed in a small ceremony in Los Angeles.

The couple have been back together for almost 4 years. The two are said to have split up last year. But the separation was short-lived. The couple eventually reconciled and recently bought a house together in Los Angeles, MTO News confirmed.

The ceremony was “small” and “intimate” according to one of Wayne’s friends – knowing the details. However, the friend could not confirm to MTO News whether the new marriage is “legal”, ie has a legal marriage certificate.


The friend told MTO News, “It’s not about whether it’s legal or not, it’s about it whether it is a real marriage or not. And it is.”

Here’s Wayne posting a public message about his new wife:

Last week Wayne took to his Instagram Stories and the multi-platinum rapper shared a video of Bidot drawing a heart in the sand and writing “Denise and Dwayne” in the middle. She looked at the camera and kissed him before it ended.

The couple first went public with their relationship in June 2020 after Bidot shared a series of photos related to their Instagram stories with Weezy.

“Somehow, in the midst of madness, something special happened,” she wrote. “Us.”

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