Lil Wayne bought his music rights for $ 100 million – he's FILTHY Wealthy !!

Lil Wayne & # 39; s was sued by attorney Ronald Sweeney for unpaid commission in a $ 20 million lawsuit against the New Orleans rapper.

And MTO News learned that Lil Wayne sold the rights to all of his music for $ 100 million in July, so he has a lot of money to pay for that lawsuit.

According to Sweeney, Wayne hired him in 2005 to help negotiate his deal with Birdman & # 39; s cash money. The matter was finally settled with Sweeney's help in 2018.


"According to our settlement agreement, the matter was resolved amicably to the satisfaction of all parties. Regarding the details, we are legally prohibited from making further statements. I can say that my customer is happy. He is his own man. A man who owns his fortune, his music and himself. At some point, Wayne will let his fans know what will happen next, "Sweeney said in a statement at the time.

But Sweeney says he didn't get all of his coins.

Wayne also asked him to fire his then manager, Cortez Bryant, before taking on the role himself. Sweeney says the rapper agreed to pay him a 17% commission, but Bryant and rapper / music manager Mack Maine "are plotting to drive a wedge between Wayne and Sweeney".

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