Legacies EP on the meaning of these “hard truths” for Hope, Josie and more

As Brett Matthews, executive producer of Legacies, reminds us, “Hope, Josie and Lizzie’s friendship is very central to the show,” which only made Thursday’s welcome episode more entertaining. You know, as if the panda costumes weren’t wonderful enough already.

To cut a long story short… While saving Lizzie from a midsommar-esque cult led by a witch formerly imprisoned by Malivore, Hope and Josie were forced to share what Matthews calls “hard truths” about each other. “Best friends sometimes have to say very unpleasant things to each other,” he says. “Like these [truths] Land is a different story. “

Let’s start with Josie telling Hope that a breakup with Landon was inevitable and that he did what she was too scared of. While this may just be Josie’s take on the situation, Matthews adds, “It’s also what the facts would tell you. Hope and Landon are not biologically compatible together, so the core of this whole universe is really fate and destiny, and whether people accept it or fight against it. In that sense, they are very much the Vampire Diaries. Logistically, that’s a valid point. The question is: does love conquer these things or does love succumb to these things? This question is very open to interpretation and different people will have different opinions on it. “

And that’s not the last time you hear the word “fate” this season. In fact, Fate is a “great driving force” in the show’s finale on June 24th, which is aptly titled “Fate is a Bitch, isn’t it?”. About the end of the season, Matthews says, “This is where the first three seasons brought us, so hopefully it will be exciting and climatic and so on. Some of the show’s big questions are answered in this episode by episodes between the end of Season 3 and the start of Season 4. “

Lizzie also had to give Josie a hard love and encourage her to be happy with Finch. “This is coming from her twin sister, a source Josie cares deeply and trusts, so she’s going to have a tough time,” says Matthews.

Not that Finch won’t have much to do at Salvatore School outside of her relationship with Josie. On Thursday’s episode, she challenged Jed for alpha status and eventually let him beat in the pool and maintain his position. Matthews says this is the beginning of an “important” friendship as Finch challenges the “very traditional hierarchical structure” with which he has always led his pack. “She doesn’t want to be alpha, but she doesn’t think the rules have to be applied so unilaterally either.”

Meanwhile, Alaric and Dorian mistakenly assumed MG was responsible for a series of attacks in the forest, prompting them to calm down the vigilante group. But after going through his superhero diaries and narrowly escaping the clutches of a real wendigo, they changed their minds about MG’s need to help people.

“The Salvatore School mission has evolved over three seasons,” says Matthews. “Rick started out as a haven by storm to keep these kids safe because they are special, but as the seasons go by he begins to realize that if they are special, they can benefit the world. That they could do a lot of good beyond the school walls, and that’s the first time he’s wrestled with it. What is the endgame of this place? What happens when these children go out into the world? What should that look like? “

We don’t have the answers to these questions yet, but one thing we can confirm: If the monster that popped up from the Malivore pit at the end of the episode gave you big Darth Vader vibes, you’re not completely out of your mind. (In contrast to the panda-adorned leading actresses on the show who remain very insane.)

“One of the great things about Legacies is that it plunges into a lot of different genres,” says Matthews. “Next week, prepare for the space mania. We always wanted to do that, but we would never have thought it possible. We are definitely very excited to see where Hope, Lizzie and Josie will take this trip next week. “

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