Law & Order: Organized Crime Finale Recap: The hits just keep coming


Richard Wheatley, I know you understand when I say, girl, you’re a hot mess.

Your son wants you dead. You almost died in the Finale of Law & Order: Organized Crime. You are a guest of the Metropolitan Correctional Center. And while you have the upper hand at the end of the series’ first season finale, it’s a weak grip at best.

But I happen. The lesson begins with the Wheatleys being indicted while the Stabler watched. When Richard’s charges – including the murder of Kathy Stabler – were read out, Richie was shocked to learn that his father had killed his grandfather. As a result, the young man dealt his father a blow … which we’ll cover in a moment.

Locked in the hotel under police supervision, Angela Wheatley had her lawyer investigate to find out that the woman Richard spoke of at the end of the previous episode was Capt. Olivia Benson was. But she didn’t have much time to digest this information: when she went to the bathroom to shower, she soon collapsed. Freddie and her lawyer blew the door down and found her foaming at the mouth, her eyeballs rolled back in her head.

She was alive but in rough shape. And when it was found she was poisoned but not from something she had eaten, the team found that the shampoo and soap that Freddie had ordered for her through a drugstore app had been intercepted along the way. (Side note: I thought Freddie was a mole, but it turns out he’s just plain stupid?)

We got a little glimpse into Stabler’s mental health, and he was positive! He speaks to a therapist for post-traumatic stress disorder. “We’re working on coping skills,” he told Bell after she stopped by when he called. (Side note 1: I love their relationship. Side note 2: I love Stabler’s husband-Capris.) Later, during a session with the counselor, she commented that Elliot had mentioned bad decisions he made and she wondered if he worried about these mistakes in judgment would be

Meanwhile, the Feds – led by a prosecutor named Vince Baldi (played by Josh Charles of The Good Wife) – really got interested in Wheatley. And when they got him out of the facility where he was being held, Richie’s hired assassins did their thing. Stabler shot the idiot who wanted to kill Wheatley (even though Wheatley shot in the leg) and saved him with Bell from certain death.

But the U.S. Attorney’s Office still wanted Wheatley delivered to them. The New York police got wind of it and showed up – Olivia included! – as a gesture of solidarity when Wheatley was taken back into custody. When Bell thanked her and called her “Liv,” Wheatley heard that the woman in front of him was Stabler’s former partner and grinned knowingly. THIS IS PROBABLY NOT GOOD. (And if you want to find out what happened in the SVU episode before the OC finale, check out our roundup.)

Wheatley loved to sing about all his criminal contacts in exchange for indulgence, and it went well for him. But Stabler had a request from Baldi: “Don’t use the murder of a policeman’s wife for your deal.” So Wheatley was sent to the MCC awaiting trial of Kathy’s murder.

There Richard found a smuggling phone under his mattress in his cell. He called his wife and told her to go to his wine cellar, open his launch pad and take a dictation: “O. I’m in trouble. Can you please meet me. “

So Wheatley lured Olivia to the hospital where Angela was being treated, and there they all realized that Morales was the mole. Wheatley paid him $ 2 million and he was about to shoot Ayana – after injecting Angela with something likely fatal – when Stabler shot him twice in the chest, killing him.

Stabler, Bell, and Benson found Angela in a nearby room, panting and fading in and out. Stabler stepped into the empty hallway and shouted: “I need help!”

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