Kurt Russell’s Santa Vs. Mel Gibson’s Santa: Who Is The Superior Santa

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Dear readers, it’s time for a ho-ho-throwdown. With two brand new Santa adventures in the mix for this holiday season, it’s time for Kurt Russell and Mel Gibson’s versions of the man with the bag to square off. As The Christmas Chronicles 2 and Fatman are aimed at two different audiences, we’ve got two different versions of St. Nick to consider as we head into the yuletide. So naturally, we’re gonna start asking questions about who’d win in a contest, and that’s exactly what we’re getting into today.

Putting these two holiday joy makers through their paces will require five separate criteria: wits, gifts, fists, the Mrs. (Claus), and elves. We’ll go through each of those scenarios, and weigh whether Kurt Russell or Mel Gibson’s Santa excel in that particular area. In the end, the ultimate winner being crowned “The Superior Santa Claus,” with you the audience having a chance to cast your votes on the matter yourselves. But now, the gloves are off, and it’s time to see whether Russell or Gibson is the Superior Santa Claus.

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