KSHMR Debuts Visible Teaser & Web site Countdown In Help of New Album

KSHMR is teasing his upcoming album with a visual sneak peek and live countdown — both of which point to January 15, 2021.

In preparation for his next big release, KSHMR has also wiped his Instagram account clean, leaving only album art and due date. It’s obvious the producer is putting great emphasis on the album and we’re expecting greatness in return.

In 2016, KSHMR released his epic 12-track body of work, The Lion Across the Field. At the time, it was considered an EP release, which would make his upcoming album also his commercial debut.

Approximately 51 days and 10 hours remain until it’s out. Let’s hope his music is able to grace the main stage next year as festivals (hopefully) return!

More info on KSHMR and the new album here.

KSHMR Album Teaser | January 15, 2021 


Photo via Rukes.com

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