Kristen Wiig Subtly Reveals the Names of Her Twin Infants

Kristen Wiig gave a special shout-out to her family in the credits of her new movie.

At the end of Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, the actress and producer revealed the names of her twins by thanking them alongside her husband, Avi Rothman. In the first line of the “Special Thanks” section, fans noticed that Avi’s name appears next to “Luna & Shiloh,” which seems to be the names of the couple’s twins. Another hint? Kristen’s co-writer and producer Annie Mumolo thanks her kids in the following lines of the credits.

As fans may recall, E! News learned in June 2020 that Kristen and Avi welcomed twins via surrogate earlier in the year. A few months later, in Aug. 2020, the Bridesmaids star opened up about her journey to motherhood in a rare interview. 

“We’ve sort of been quarantining since January because of the babies. We’re nesting, and we’re tired,” she shared with InStyle at the time. “Having two 9-month-olds is a lot! But they’re growing, and I can’t wait to see them every morning. It’s not all just lying around and smiling at babies, though. It’s overwhelming to think about everyone else who’s struggling, and it’s hard to be good knowing that.”

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