KJ Apa Needs His “Love” Clara Berry a Blissful Birthday With Uncommon Couples Picture

Don’t think for a minute that quarantine has come between KJ Apa and Clara Berry. After admitting it was “love at first sight” in February, the Riverdale star and French model appear to be head over heels for each other 10 months later.

For Clara’s 27th birthday on Monday, Dec. 7, KJ got mushy on us for a quick moment to write “Happy birthday my love” on his Instagram Story for his 18.6 million followers to see.

Topped with two red heart emojis, the post included a photo of the couple as he put his arm around her shoulder and she hugged his waist. They appeared in denim cutoffs and sneakers in an elegant white bathroom with a chandelier, natch.

It’s one of the only pics of the pair that fans have seen, since KJ is very secretive about his love life. After the 23-year-old Songbird actor confirmed his new romance earlier this year, things escalated when he shared nude images of Clara on vacation in August. His dreamy caption: “There’s nowhere else.”

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