Kanye West’s New Yeezy Enhance 400s Leak: Trashed On Twitter, Referred to as ‘Ugly’

Pictures sof Kanye West’s alleged newest sneakers have leaked online, and so far the reviews are NOT good. 

MTO News confirmed that yesterday, photos claiming to show Kanye’s new Yeezy Boost 400s began to circulate online. And within minutes, Twitter had spoken – and the verdict was that they hated what appear to be Kanye’s newest creations.

Almost immediately memes began to pour in and the shoes began trending on social media.


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The new Kanye Boost 400s are still likely to become a HUGE hit

The exclusivity alone will make people want to grab a pair, and as much as his other shoes have been criticized, Ye manages to sell out. Check out photos of the alleged Yeezy Boost 400s along with a few reactions and let us know if you would cop a pair for yourself.

Here are Kanye’s alleged new Yeezy’s:

And here are some of the reactions from Twitter:

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