Jojo Siwa slams dance moms Christi Lukasiak over "disgusting, ignorant" feedback on castmate

Jojo Siwa advocates a castmate of the Dance Moms.

Last week, Christi Lukasiak answered a question about whether she's still talking to the choreographer Gianna Martello, a trainer for dance mothers from 2011 to 2019. Known as the mother of the 19 year olds Chloe LukasiakChristi replied shortly: "No, Gianna is not nice."

Jojo went to the plate to defend Gianna. On TikTok this week, the Masked Singer star came out with guns blazing, calling Christ's statement the "most disgusting and ignorant thing" she's ever heard from anyone.

"First of all, Gia is one of the cutest people in the whole world," Jojo said of her 30 million followers. "And second, she works so hard for so many people every week, including Chloe."

The 17-year-old influencer continued, "She had one of the most stressful jobs on the show. She was responsible for choreographing every single number. Well, yes, of course everyone has their moments and everyone is not nice." 7, including you Christ. "

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