John Mayer is responding to criticism from Taylor Swift followers after becoming a member of TikTok

John Mayer learns that TikTok users have no problem saying what they have to say.

The 43-year-old musician has joined the video platform and shared his first two posts on Monday March 1st. One can assume that the answer is not quite what he hoped it would be.

His first video revealed that the star appears to be struggling to understand the popular app. “Can someone tell me how to turn the camera?” John asked before he finally managed to find out.

A few hours later, the “Say” singer shared recordings of himself embroiled in an imaginary conversation as he reluctantly nodded his head and unsuccessfully tried to push a word up while pretending to be taking in endless criticism.

He added the caption: “POV: You scold me and I listen to you.”

A look at the comments on the first post makes it clear why he would have shot the second video. In fact, the comments have been flooded with negative feedback from users, a lot of which appear to be Taylor Swift Fans criticizing John’s alleged relationship years ago with the 31-year-old “You Belong With Me” star.

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