Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden repeatedly uses “N-Word” in text messages !! (PICS)

Joe Biden’s son Hunter has been labeled a racist – after mocking black people in a series of text messages – repeatedly using the “n-word”, MTO News has learned.

Last year, hackers got into Hunter’s laptop – and discovered a treasure trove of evidence from Joe’s disgraced son.

Yesterday leaked text messages from Hunter using the racist term – and it shook Joe Biden and his camp. The news comes just days after President Biden gave an anti-racism speech on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre and tried to make racial justice a top priority for his administration.


In a series of January 2019 text messages between Hunter and his corporate attorney – who is a white man. Hunter mocks blacks. He speaks openly about his lawyer having a “big penis” and said to the lawyer, “I only love you because you’re black” and “true dat n *** a”.

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In another text he wrote to the Chicago attorney a month earlier: “How much money do I owe you? Because (sic) n *** a, you better not charge me Hennessy tariffs. ‘

It’s not clear why he referred to the white male lawyer as a n * gga.

Here’s the news:


While it’s likely that this revelation came from Joe Biden’s political enemies, to hear his son’s use of racist language is at least disturbing.

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