Jeremy Bulloch dies, unique Boba Fett actor was 75

Jeremy Bulloch died. The English actor was 75 years old. Bulloch is best known for originally portraying the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett in the Star Wars franchise. He appeared in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and wore fan-favorite armor. Despite his character's minimal screen time, he quickly became a Star Wars legend. While Bulloch was the man in the suit, he didn't pronounce Boba Fett. Jason Wingreen originally provided the bounty hunter's voice and was later replaced by Temuera Morrison to keep the prequel trilogy running.

In addition to his work within the war of stars Jeremy Bulloch also appeared in Doctor Who and Robin of Sherwood. The actor has appeared in numerous films and television shows over the years, but he loved playing Boba Fett and wished they hadn't originally killed the character in Return of the Jedi, although he admitted that wearing the suit was incredible It was uncomfortable that the jetpack was extremely heavy.

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When Jeremy Bulloch portrayed Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy, he was inspired by Clint Eastwood's character "The Man Without a Name". Both Boba Fett and Eastwood's character in A Fistful of Dollars wear similar cloaks, cradle their gun ready to fire, and move at a slowly calculated pace. George Lucas is a huge fan of old western films and was probably the main reason Bulloch took on this influence, which is featured prominently in The Mandalorian, where Boba Fett lives and is healthy. Bulloch always knew the bounty hunter would be fine. He had this to say in a 2016 interview.

"Boba will be fine. He will get out of here. If there is a problem, he can get out. He doesn't need any help. He can do it himself. Apparently he's coming from the Sarlacc pit – I didn't really deal with that Keeping up with books because, to be completely honest, I don't have time. I'm always busy with something – grandchild over there and that over there and one over there. Occasionally I take and read a little bit about it, but I really don't mean it seriously. You can get the information from one of the fans. "

When Jeremy Bulloch originally appeared on the set of The Empire Strikes Back, he wasn't getting "too much [directed] just being a soldier or a bounty hunter". Bulloch also played an Imperial guard in the film, which is his only debunked performance in the franchise. "You see the different costumes, they're all there. You have [director] Irvin Kershner, who is a great director, just great fun," recalls Bulloch. According to the director, Kershner was the one looking for the cast who were in the big and heavy suits. Bulloch also played Captain Jeremoch Colton in Revenge of the Sith.

Jeremy Bulloch attended conventions around the world and loved talking to Star Wars fans. Over the years he made frequent appearances at Star Wars Celebration and also Star Wars Weekends, but later retired from the convention circuit in 2018. "He really reflected the humility of a simple man who moved around the universe in and out of costume," says Quinn Crain, employee of the Boba Fett Fan Club. Bulloch had three sons and ten grandchildren and lived in London with his wife Maureen. Rest in peace. The Jeremy Bulloch News was first announced from the Instagram account of the young Boba Fett actor Daniel Logan.

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